About Benoit Poulain (mainly known as "Benny")

Born in Corbie France, I moved to Paris to complete an associate degree in mechanical engineering.  Then I moved to Texas in 1986.  I worked for Greg Darnall making bits and spurs in Lone Oak for about ten years innovating new production designs and techniques.  Meanwhile after working hours, I would build a few pieces and practice engraving.  Soon I would be invited to display my work at the museum of the Big Bend for the yearly Trappings of Texas.

"Poulain Custom Silver" was established during the early 90s and still today means exactly what it means:

I am the sole designer and maker of your next purchase
with never ending quality and service.

The products that I make are mostly in a Western style, but are not limited to it (visit the gallery).

Custom silver for saddles via a saddle maker of your choice
Custom belt buckles - trophy, ranger, dressy, business...
Custom jewelry, earrings, pendants, hair piece, concho belt...
Knifes, toothpicks, case...
Custom bits and spurs
All your ideas are welcome!

A customer that keeps ordering year after year for over 20 years means a lot to me.  You are many and I am grateful of you.


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